Add AI + ML’s competitive advantage to your investment toolbox

Invest using automated algorithmic trading for capital preservation, risk management and long-term growth.


Our vision

At C3 Fund, LP, our vision is to build a brand that becomes one of the top choices of investment for accredited investors and eventually convert it into a Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Our investors’ best interest would always come first, and everything we do is guided by our values,professional ethics & Technology. Using AI to make decisions would be the core model of our business.

Our vision reflects our values


Investment Excellence - Maximizing Risk-Reward Tradeoff




Flexibility - Improvement with changing market conditions


Our Team


Rohit Srivastava

CIO and Portfolio Manager

Rohit Srivastava is the CIO and Portfolio Manager of C3 Fund, LP an innovative hedge fund focused on AI Based trading using a proprietary AI/ML based product 'Smart Frequency Trading'. Rohit Srivastava has extensive experience in technical analysis with AI/ML based trading and investments to forecast market opportunities. An Innovative leader with 20+ years IT experience and proven success in Product & IT management, Software Development, Systems Architecture Design, Support, and Project Management within Banking/Financial solutions.


Josh Kincaid

Portfolio Risk Analyst

In a galaxy far far away, Josh was a Securities Risk Analyst managing a $650 million fund in the Investment Banking Industry with proven success in finance, compliance, and operations within a highly regulated industry. He’s experienced the Financial Industry’s stringent regulatory environment and survived a myriad of regulatory changes in the Cannabis Industry. Yet remains informed of potential changes that could impact the industry, to best leverage his client’s resources and maximize success. Josh is the founder and CEO of SuperChronics, a boutique advisory firm that focuses on cannabis finance, data analytics, risk management, and compliance with an emphasis on strategic partnerships, M&As and international expansion. In his spare time, he produces a cannabis business podcast called The Talking Hedge and hosts “Interviewing CEOs” for Seeking Alpha.

Meet The Talking Hedge!

C3 Fund, LP would invest by building strategies using AI based tools & technical analysis to invest in the 3 most futuristic industries – Cannabis, Chips (Semiconductor) & Crypto industries