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C3 Fund, LP is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Investment fund in equities listed in NASDAQ & NYSE focused for Cannabis Market, Chinese Industry & Chip Companies.

During our incubation pilot, we build a trada-able cannabis index which trades based on the Artificial Intelligence tool. We have replicated the tool into the other 2 areas - Chip/Cutting Edge Companies & Chinese Industries

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The drivers identified in the market are medicinal properties of cannabis, increasing the legalization of cannabis, and increasing advances in genetic development and intellectual property of cannabis.

Computer Circuit Board

After a fall of around 15% in 2019, the industry is forecasted to rebound with around 4% revenue growth to $414 billion in 2020. The semiconductor industry had
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consistent growth over decades and would continue to grow consistently.


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Chinese leaders have taken steps to boost domestic demand from its 1.38 billion people. A strong consumer market allows China to rely less on exports and it is diversifying into a more market-based economy.

Chinese Industry

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Date: 7/13/2020

Market on the uptrend. 

Outperforming MJ by 84% YTD, and POTX by 142% since incubation (8/01/2019). Year To Date (YTD) return: 60.76%, and 89.15% since August 2019.


Market on the Hold. 

Outperforming MJ by 77% YTD!!! Also outperforming POTX 138% since incubation (8/01/2019).


Market at Risk. 

Outperforming MJ by 72% YTD!!! Also outperforming POTX 132% since inception (8/01/2019).

“I’m not emotional about investments. Investing is something where you have to be purely rational and not let emotion affect your decision making – just the facts.”

— Bill Ackman


“If you invent a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence, so machines can learn, that is worth 10 Microsofts.”

— Bill Gates

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